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Bo Quadrozzi
Vice President of Eürosoft & Private Brands

David Cree
Merchandising Analyst

Paul Blanco
Key Account Sales

consumer return policy statement

We produce quality footwear that serves many different purposes. We stand behind the products that we produce. At times, despite our best efforts to assure the best quality, a product purchased from a retailer may have a defect in materials and/or workmanship as there are many components and processes that go into footwear manufacturing.

If a consumer believes that a manufacturer's defect has caused unusual wear or otherwise affects the use of the footwear, we require the consumer to return the footwear to the retailer where the footwear was originally purchased. The original selling retailer has its own policies and processes in place to satisfy the consumer including an initial inspection for normal wear. In the event that the selling retailer can not reasonably satisfy the consumer, that consumer may then contact the brand manufacturer. If someone other than the original purchaser contacts or attempts to contact Eürosoft Footwear, it will be necessary for us to receive the appropriate written authorization from the original purchaser authorizing Eürosoft Footwear, Inc. to discuss the matter with the representative and to deal with the representative in resolving the matter.

We require that a consumer have the original sales receipt within one year of purchase and can identify the retailer that the footwear was purchased from. We may use reasonable efforts to contact that retailer on the consumer's behalf to ensure full satisfaction. In the event that this is not possible the consumer may choose to return the footwear to us for inspection. If a determination is made that there is in fact a defect, Eürosoft Footwear, Inc. has, at its option, the right to either repair, credit in full against the purchase of inventory currently in stock at MSRP, prorate the value of the original purchase, as appropriate, or replace the footwear with the same or comparably valued footwear. If no defect is apparent the inspected footwear will be returned to the consumer.